Saturday, August 13, 2011

I'm a real adult!

Well, it's been a while. The summer kind of turned into a whirlwind of chaos. My summer activity schedule that seemed nicely spread out through the summer turned into one thing after another after another- and then followed by another. But, its been a blast! Kids ministry BBQ's full of slip'n'slides and laser tag... Tips to silver falls to explore nature- remodeling rooms at the church for the kids- and learning to be real with a new friend... It's been a fun couple months... And I still have a lock-in and a trip to the aquarium to finish off the summer! Oh, and did I mention that was all in my "part-time" employee status....

Well- working hard for the kingdom doesn't go unnoticed. Last week I met with the head of HR at the church and she offered me a full time job (effective the day before our meeting!!) so I jumped right in to actually getting paid for the work I was doing... It's a good feeling to be rewRded for doing work for the Lord... I'm now making twice as much money as I've ever made and I get to do what I lOve... Share the love of God with others. It's pretty cool. My heart still longs to be overseas working with older students - but it's pretty obvious that this is where the lord has me- and I'm learning a ton through the process...

Though it all seems happy right now, things have actually been pretty Roth lately on the spiritual and emotional level. I'm doing awesome things for the Lord and Satan hates it. So he's been attacking me every chance he gets. And I yacht been alone. My closest friend here is town has been feeling the full force of it as well - so, we've been learning to fight hard and rely on one smothers prayers and the power of the holy spirit... It's been good. Hard, but good.

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