Saturday, April 9, 2011

me and jesus

(okay - so i kind of stole this off a friends blog - but as i was reading it, it struck a note in my heart and made me start thinking.... )

what would it be like if i did everything to show love to someone that i knew would think it was the best?

does that make sense at all?

my friend told this story - she was making dinner - a new recipe - for about 30 people... and while she was making it she kept thinking about how excited she was to make it for her husband because she knew that he would love it, and tell her how awesome it was... she didn't really care about what the other 29 people who would be eating it thought, she only cared about what her husband would think of it... and then she heard jesus ask - "what if that's what it was like between me and you?" she went on to talk about how she would speak the truth in love without worrying what the other person thought and other things like that... and it got me thinking - what would that look like in MY life... what would it look like for me to do stuff for jesus and not worry about what anyone else thinks - to be excited about doing things that i know he'd love...

i would (as my friend would) talk the truth in love without worrying wether i sounded too "churchy" or too "spiritual"

i would tell truth - even if it hurt.

i wouldn't waste my time as much... when i'm helping others, or doing something for someone else, it's amazing how much my procrastination disappears.

i would spend more time with him. (there's the kicker - the reason this pulled on my heart)

do i even know who jesus is? have i spent enough time with him to call him my friend? do i know his character? or do i just know "about" him?

we just did an intro discussion in my interpersonal communications class (which i'm taking online - ironic hey?) and one of the latter question was - did this help you to feel like you knew your classmates more and feel like you weren't alone ? everyone was all "yeah, i feel like i know these people", "i learned so much - made a connection with my group"  - and to me, i felt like i knew about these people (the things they liked, what they did, where they lived, why they were in the class) but i had no idea who they were... something you really only get a grasp of over time. one of my favorite things to do is drink beer, smoke hooka, and sit around a fire and talk - if i were to tell a stranger that they could come up with some very wrong assumptions of who i am... is that what i've done with jesus?

i don't know the answer yet - i know i havn't spent near enough time just hanging out with jesus - but i also know that i'm not completely lost on who he is... but still - there's a lot to think about... get my brain a churning...

well - that's something to sleep on.

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