Friday, February 18, 2011

God doesn't waste our pain.

A wise man i know once told me (along with a few other people, actually) "God does not waste our pain." This simple little thought has been said, contemplated on, ignored, hated, clung to, taught, and has penetrated my heart.

Pain is something I hate, but happen to be very familiar with. It's not wasted.

I'm a verbal processor trapped inside a body that tell me talking isn't safe - so my hope is that this blog will help me to process and learn to talk with my hands and then with my mouth. To think through the pain, tell myself truth, and then share it with others - so it's not wasted.

I have a story to tell - hell, i have LOADS of stories to tell - hopefully one day my stories with be a catalyst for someone, even just one, to run into the arms of their savior.

"tonight begins a different way - let my life become an offering to you." S.O.

this is the cry of my heart.

If you're reading this - i want to share life with you - wherever you happen to be (near or far) - so please, interact and ask questions - i like questions.

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  1. What's stirring up your soul for Jesus these days? When was the last time you went on a date with just Him- you know, fully devoted your time to just oogling over Him in His presence? What do you love most about the work aka ministry that God has given you? have you seen God show himself intimately to you in this last year?

    there's my questions ;)