Friday, February 18, 2011

my background picture

I felt like i should share the specialness of the picture i chose for my background.

shortly after the church issues blew, "the shit hit the fan", and scott and mel moved to Yakima i quit my job at coffee people and as a celebration to finally being done wtih that season of life - i drove to yakima for the weekend to be with my friends.

Through all the pain we were in - we were able to go on a little adventure and visit a coffee shop that melody had found - a new place where she could be alone and hang out with the lord and work on letting her heart heal. we went into the basement corner - this quiet little nook with a couple chairs - and we talked about life and love and what our hearts needed most right then. i got to hear truth about the last few months and be real about where my heart was with someone who got it. it was a very special time - at one point i looked up and realized that the ceiling of this little nook was pretty stellar - so i snapped a few pictures to save as a reminder of the love, pain, growth, grace, and redemption that was was taking place...

and since this blog is about love, grace, truth, growth, and redemption i thought it was fitting.

more picture and more stories to come.

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  1. Ash, as soon as I clicked on your blog, I was so pumped to see this pic as your background because the day you describe was so special to me too. I think of it often. That corner spot never ceases to remind me of you. In fact, I was there yesterday and thought about our time together. Now there is amazing photography hanging on the walls of really cool a European cafe, bistro, villages, etc. You'd love them! Isn't it time for you to visit and for us to have another date? I miss you so so much. I'm really glad you are writing for us. I want to stay up on what's happening in your life. This is a fabulous way to do so. I love you! -- Melody