Saturday, March 12, 2011

a glimmer of redemption...

So - i got this random email this morning...

it was from a lady in ohio who is the mother of a lady in my church that is on the worship team... the lady in ohio is the head of their deacon team and apparently gets a copy of our "communique - the thing i wrote that article for" in the mail. So - i wake up to an email from this lady explaining who she is and asking permission to use my story from the communique at the opening of their next deacon meeting - and she wanted to know what happened to the girl...

so i got to tell her the rest of the story - and now some people in ohio get to see hear the story of God redeeming my life for him - SO COOL!

but - i was texting with a friend and told her about it... she got excited, and asked how i felt about it - and without thinking i said i was stoked - my dream is that the pain i went through on this journey will be able to be used to bring the light and life of Christ to the lives of many - and then a few minutes later it kinda caught up to me...

1. i shared my story really easily in an article that loads of people are going to have access to
2. someone on the other side of the country read it - and wants to use it to hopefully challenge people in her church
3. i wasn't even hesitant to say yes - or that i was stoked that my story was out to so many people...

that my friends - (and if you've struggled through life with me at all should know this) - that is some mighty fine redemptive love that our Papa has... i had dreamed of this day - when i would be able to freely share my story in honesty and truth - and have it be used to bring new life to others - but it always felt "inconceivable" (name that movie) and so far away... but that day has come!

i pray that the words i wrote will be used to further the kingdom - that they can help break the bonds of satan and give hope to the brokenhearted...


  1. 1.) The Princess Bride!
    2.) So proud of you, dear friend.
    3.) What a beautiful story of redemption
    4.) I look forward to seeing/hearing how God uses your story more
    5.) SQUEEZES

    That is redemption at it's finest! I love seeing it and I love you sharing it! Imagine how many people will be able to begin their own path to healing because you were brave enough to show them yours. I LOVE YOU!