Sunday, March 27, 2011

a happy one...

I mentioned a few posts ago that it was the first night of the small group i was leading... well. i started with 5 girls - i'm now up to 7 regularly and they're totally stoked about it. They talk about it to their friends, they bring friends, they're excited, they're participating... it's really fun!

today the girls were talking about the book we were reading in their sunday school class - so the teacher came up and asked for a copy of it so she could help talk about it with them too. SO COOL! it was so encouraging today! (especially after i started the day off at 7:30 by not being able to get into my office cause they changed the locks).

And -church attendance was up almost 30 people today. it's kinda back to normal, but after 2 weeks of around 40 - it was nice to see 70 people sitting in the pews participating in worship - even a handful of faces i've never seen.

i had two new teachers in the preschool class today - not only was their class size doubled from normal - they ROCKED IT! they taught about abraham and sarah and had them wandering through the desert (the church) looking for a tent which was their home (a table with a sheet over it). it was so fun to see them wandering around the hall :)

things are lookin up - it's fun. and a relief after a really hard season!

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